About Italia Refinement

Welcome back Dolce Vita.

Our Why

We believe in attention to detail, not in ostentation.

We believe in passion, not in arrogance.

We believe in rebirth, not in melancholy.

Italia Refinement is aimed at all those who, day by day, pursue a dream. With them we want to go on a journey to discover the crucial stages in the consecration of the myth of the Dolce Vita.

All expressions of Italian spirit are works of art. From fashion to the world of food and wine, passing through design, engines, boating and places of culture. Worlds that may seem distant from each other, but which are deeply linked by the obsession for refinement, the cult of beauty and the ability to arouse strong emotions.

These are the distinctive features of the Italian savoir-faire that we want to recount.

Our Objectives

The “Italian system” still has enormous untapped potential. We are not always aware of it, we are not always able to carry on the great heritage left by the greats of the past.

The phase of rapid changes that we are experiencing must certainly stimulate the overcoming of old patterns, but it risks trespassing into homogenisation. We cannot allow it: we are convinced that the challenges of the future cannot be accepted without looking at tradition.

With stubborn tenacity, we intend to halt this progressive loss of identity and reverse the course. We want to bring out the best expressions of elegance. Admired from all over the world. To be rediscovered. Or that are about to born.

The rediscovery of the authentic Made in Italy is inevitable.

"Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life".

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